Pretzels Please!


Today I am sharing with you, a delicious  homemade pretzel recipe.  Lucy and I have made these a couple times, and they are so SO good!  In fact, we just picked up the ingredients today to make them this week!!  These are perfect heading into Fall and football season!

Soft Pretzels

4 teaspoons yeast + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1 1/4 cup water

3.5 cups flour and additional 1/2 cup at end

2 Tablespoons butter melted

1/3 cup sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt (+more for garnish)

1/2 cup baking soda

4 cups hot water

melted butter


In a small bowl or glass measuring cup, dissolve water, sugar
and yeast. let sit for 10 minutes (until frothy and almost double in size).
Mix together 3 1/2 cups of flour, sugar, and salt, in a large bowl. create a
small well in the center of the flour.

Pour melted butter followed by yeast
mixture into the well.

With a wooden spoon, mix until combined. use
your hands to knead the dough inside the bowl. slowly add the additional
1/2 cup flour while continuing to knead. knead for 7-10 minutes total.
Lightly oil a large bowl. transfer dough to bowl. cover with a dampened
lightweight cloth/towel. place inside the oven with the light turned on (no
heat). let rise for 1 hour, or until doubled in size.
Remove dough from oven, and turn oven to 425.

In another large bowl, microwave 4 cups water with the baking soda for 3 minutes. stir until baking soda dissolves.

Lightly flour the counter and turn dough out. divide dough into 12 pieces.
Roll each piece into a rope (i prefer to hold both ends and swing the
dough in a circular motion – as if jumping rope). twist into a pretzel
shape – crossing once in the middle.
Gently dip the pretzel into the hot water.

Transfer pretzel to a cookie sheet
lined with parchment paper.

Sprinkle additional kosher salt on top.
repeat for remaining dough. (6 pretzels per cookie sheet).

Bake in the preheated oven on the middle rack for approximately 8
minutes or until browned.

Remove and place sheet on a cooling rack.
Brush pretzels with melted butter. once cooled, store in an airtight
container or freeze for future use


xoxo ~ Dawn



Summer’s Last Hoorah


I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Seattle, things are a changin!  I love Summer, and I make sure to drink in as much sunshine, dining al fresco, and iced coffee as I can before it all comes to an end…but….Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season!  Once I get that first hint of light change, or a leaf turning…I am ALL pumpkin spiced and sweatered IN…and it is really hard to turn back!


I attended a fun floral event (coming in a separate post!) and thought this outfit was perfect for a summer night in the field.  I also don’t think there is anything more “french” than carrying your flowers in a market basket…take me to Paris!




These jeans have been a staple for me the past two summers.  This particular brand is sold out, but I did link a couple other almost identical options HERE and HERE.  This darling ruffle blouse is from one of my favorite online boutiques, and it on Summer Sale for $16!  You can find it HERE.


Flowers c/o First and Bloom



I hope you have soaked up every bit of Summer to get you through to your next favorite season!


Easy Breezy Cocktail

I have been on a crazy sparkling water kick lately!!  Anything from Lacroix to Trader Joe’s Sparking water does the trick!  In the evenings, well by late afternoon, it’s been fun to turn it into my favorite easy cocktail!


This Patron Orange Liqueur is delicious, and it honestly pairs perfect with any flavor of sparkling water.  I purchase this at Trader Joe’s!!  Of course, you could also add tequila as well!


Pour yourself a glass of your favorite flavor of water.


Add in a shot of Patron Orange Liqueur.


Squeeze in fresh lime juice…I love extra lime!



And Enjoy!

I hope you’re enjoying your last little bits of summer and savoring a yummy cocktail!




Mrs. Wear It Proud!



The weather here in the PNW has been hot hot hot…the Cali girl in me LOVES it, plus I know all the rainy days in my future, so I soak it up!  My face in the first photo is not about the heat…my photographer (my son) caught my RBF (resting b*&!#$ face 😉 and insisted I share it with all of you!

This outfit could be another Target ad, because well, who doesn’t find the best stuff there?  I am planning on giving you a new Target faves post every week, and this one represents a few recent fave finds!

I love this Mrs. tee (that is actually what my hubby calls me, and I love it!)  I wear the title proudly after 24 years of marriage!  It’s funny to me how things like this tee or my WIFE tee are geared toward new brides, when I feel it says SO much more when worn by women who have put the work in, and represent what those titles are all about! Here’s to the married ladies!!


Top   Skirt   Shoes Sunglasses (NY Glass has the best price and fast shipping!)

Bag/was a fabulous #Marshallssuprise!!


I think this outfit is perfect right now in the heat of summer, but I will definitely be taking this skirt into fall with a denim shirt or jacket!



I bet you are just wondering “where is that beautifil resort Dawn??”…well…truth be told this post is NOT sponsored by the ASSISTED LIVING building I used as my shoot location! LOL!!!  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, am I right???


This backpack is my new fave..and right now on line at Target it’s $25!!  Click HERE!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commisson if you make a purchase using the above links.  

Cheers to Summer!


Target Top Ten Under $35

I have a love affair with Target…I’ll admit it!  Where else can you run in and pick up a new nail polish, a sports bra and coffee creamer?  But honestly, Target kills it every time…whether it’s their designer collaborations or something from their own Merona line…I can always find something on trend and at a great price!

I thought it would be fun to start a series every week (hold me accountable please!) of the top 10 things I have bought or “want to buy”.  This list is a mix of beauty, clothing, and snacks!  So, here you go……

Baseball Hat

I actually have bought this hat, and have it worn it more times than I should admit!  I love the faux leather and I think the black looks so chic!

Studded Flip Flops

I have these sandals, and love them!  I wore them in my previous post with my favorite maxi here..and they are really comfortable and look like the high end designer version!

Sports Bra

Love a good sports bra with cute back straps…and this one is both!

Peanut Butter Monster

THIS trail mix!!  I’m sorry and you’re welcome all at the same time!  If you love peanut butter like we do…you are going to dig this!!

52049117 (1).jpg
Mrs. Tee

I love a graphic tee…make it a muscle tee and I’m all in!  This cute one just arrived yesterday and I cannot wait to style it!  I also have this one, and get asked about it every time I wear it!

Merona Mule Loafers

I just tried these on yesterday..and LOVE them!  I had been looking at the ones at the “Nsale” and they sold out the first day…these are really soft and very comfortable!  I will be going back to grab these!

White Perforated Pouch

This is such a cute sporty pouch, perfect for carrying in your new backpack (below 😉 for easy grab and go!

Jergens Natural Glow

I bought this lotion a couple weeks ago and shared on Instagram, but wanted to use it awhile before I gave a review!  I love it!  It is an odd sensation to put this on while you are still dripping wet, but it really works!  I made the mistake of lightly towel drying and then putting it on..nope that didn’t work!  Just apply right after you shut off the shower water, and then lightly pat yourself dry!

17408990 (1)
Hello Doormat

Target nails it with doormats!  This is one of my faves, but they have so many cute variations, and for $12.99 you can change them with the seasons!

Mossimo Neoprene Backpack

This backpack! I shared my renewed love for the backpack on Instagram, and this one is a good one!

There you go…my top ten Target finds under $35!! Let me know if you find something you can’t live without!


For the love of…a maxi!


This past weekend my hubs and I had a fun romantic staycation in Bellevue.  We stayed and the new gorgeous W Hotel Bellevue, did a little shopping at the Bellevue Collection, and had a FABULOUS dinner at The Lakehouse Bellevue.

I had seen this darling wall on Instagram (of course) so we walked around the block and voila!! there it was!  It is the perfect backdrop to showcase my LOVE for this Love Stitch Maxi!


If you need one summer dress, this is the ONE!!  I love wearing it with a cute sports bra or bralette, because it’s a little too low-cut for my liking…and paired with a denim jacket and sandals…so cute!


I also think this dress could easily take you into Fall.  Throw on a cute low bootie, knot the bottom of the dress, add a tee underneath and a moto jacket…done!




I’ve linked it for you HERE, and below.  I found the best price at Nordstrom Rack.  Just for reference, I am wearing a S/M and there is PLENTY of room!  I have the military and the denim colors in my cart!  Also, I found some cute sport bra options HERE.


Love Stitch Gauze Maxi


Peace out to a wonderful weekend!