NuFace Mini {Product Review}

Have you heard of the Nuface Mini device?  I had read about it on Instagram, seen it on You Tube, and even looked at it at Nordstrom.  The reviews have been positive, and I really wanted to give it a try, because why not, right?  @mynuface recently held a giveaway on their Instagram page for a Nuface Mini…I entered…and WON!!!


Once I received my device, I charged it for the recommended 16 hours like the instructions read because I wanted the best possible first experience I could get!  You start with clean skin, and then apply the included gel primer in a mask like application on the first area to be treated.  I followed the diagram provided for my first treatment, going over each area three times.


The directions say you should feel very little to nothing at all, and if you do feel a small tingle, add more of the gel primer.  I did notice on my forehead I felt a little more sensation, but that is understandable since the skin there is so thin, but it was not uncomfortable AT ALL!!  I do notice,  the day after, my skin feels a little “tighter” in the areas I treated, and I LOVE that feeling!!

 So, before moving on to the left side of my face I took an after photo to do a comparison…omg!!!  Now, keep in mind I took these photos with my phone, and when uploaded here are a little grainy,  but there is NO doubt of the difference along my jaw line! When I showed them to my husband he immediately noticed the difference!  I think you will see the difference as well!


This was after ONE use!  I’m hooked!  No, this is not a magic wand, and like with exercise, consistency is the key to seeing long-lasting continued improvements.  A basic treatment lasts about 5min, but after using it one week, I have started doing 5 min on each side of my face, and have been incorporating some of the advanced treatment to target some of my problem areas…again my jaw line, eyebrow lift, and those nasal labia lines and cheekbones…heck, really my whole face!!  I love that I can do a treatment before an event, and my skin is not red, irritated or inflamed…there is only the benefit of a slightly lifted brow, cheek or jawline.

So, what does it cost?  The Mini retails for $199 at Nordstrom. The Trinity is one step up and has an extra attachment you can purchase to fine tune some areas and it retails for $325.  I honestly think the Mini is a great way to start with a much smaller investment!

I will do a follow-up review after I have used the Nuface a month or so…and maybe you’ll think I look 10 years younger!!

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave me a comment here or on Instagram!


{This is not a sponsored post.  I won this product in a giveaway that I entered.  All opinions and results are my own!}


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