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A Day at the Market (…I wish!)

I hit a little milestone on my lil ‘ol instagram account….this picture got the most likes EVER from any of my 1955 photos!!  What???



Is it the french market basket? Or maybe my new favorite culottes?? It could just be that this is a classic and simple look…whatever it was…thank you!!

I really love the return of the culotte.  I love a wide leg and a crop flare, so this is the best of both!  One thing to keep in mind when wearing them is to keep your top simple.  A classic button up or a simple tee and fitted jacket are perfect…nothing flowy to distract from the legs.

I have worn these with Converse and a tee for a casual look, I took this look to work (or the “wish I was at the market in Paris”), or with a fun heel to dress them up!

You can find my pair here, and I’ve found a couple others that I love…especially the denim ones!







So what about you, are you a fan of the culotte or am I in a club by myself?



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