How to Set a Kids Halloween Table



I love setting any table, but I really love setting a kids table!

 I have 4 kids (3 are now in their 20’s) but they still love to sit at the kid’s table, because it’s just more fun!


This table was super easy to put together and not expensive at all!

To start, I used black and white check fabric that I recently thrifted for $4 as the tablecloth.  Fabric is much cheaper than buying a new tablecloth, so check your local craft or thrift stores.

A fun way to “dress up” paper plates is to use your everyday dinner plates as chargers, and layer your paper napkins in there too!


For the centerpiece, a couple of glittery chandeliers from the Halloween section at your local Target or craft store, a couple of pumpkins and ghosts bowls and you’re done!


I always love having a little treat at each place setting, so these cute linen bags and bendy straws from Oriental Trading are inexpensive, but were just what I was looking for!



So there you go, an easy Kid’s Table perfect for your next Halloween get-together!



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