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How to make Cookies & Creme Popcorn


Are you ready for some football?  How about a delicious snack while watching the game?

A little salty? A little sweet? I am a big fan of both! This Cookies and Creme Popcorn can satisfy both of those cravings!

Games can get intense, so having something to chew on helps stifle some of that game-time stress!

This recipe could not be a any simpler with only 3 ingredients and about 15 min of your time!

What You’ll Need:



Step 1:

Microwave both packages of popcorn and dump into a large bowl

 Step 2:

Put almond bark into a microwave safe bowl and follow the package directions to melt


Step 3:

Place the whole package of cookies into a plastic bag and crush into crumbs.

Tip: I left some larger pieces in mine to give an extra “cookie crunch”!

Step 4:

Pour the melted almond bark and crushed cookies over the popcorn. At this point, how fun would it be to add in sprinkles in the colors of your favorite team?



Step 5:

Mix together and let it “set up” until it becomes cooled and less sticky


Step 6:

Try not to eat the whole bowl!

This is by far one of the best coated popcorn recipes I have ever made. Mixing Oreos and popcorn together just seems like the perfect pair! I can think of several other favorite cookies that my family would love me try too with this recipe

So, whether you’re hosting a big Super Bowl bash or a birthday party for your little one, this will be a guaranteed “touchdown”!


xoxo ~Dawn

This review is based strictly on my opinion. I was provided these samples free of charge by Oriental Trading to provide my honest review. I was also compensated to blog on the Oriental Trading Blog.  In addition, some links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link (Amazon links).  All ideas and opinion are my own


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