How to make Quinoa Salad Jars

With the New Year, fresh starts, words and resolutions, and plans to eat better and exercise more…I thought I would re-post my Quinoa Salad Jars that I shared a few years ago on my old blog.  I love these and writing this post reminded me to get some of these in my fridge stat!  I have linked recipes from Pinterest, however, these really can be made anyway you like.  I really love putting spinach on the very top so it feels more like a salad.  The dressing is on the bottom so nothing gets wilty…which I do not like!!  
So, here you go…hope you enjoy!
I am always searching for new ways to prepare quinoa
I also needed to prep some lunches for myself for the week and knew these were the perfect idea
The first is the Fiesta Quinoa Salad (recipe HERE)
Each of these start with a dressing for the bottom layer, add your quinoa, stir and then add all the other ingredients in layers…super simple!
A little secret about me is that when I make up my mind to make something, I will make it whether I have the specific listed ingredients or not, I will substitute what I have!
So, for this one I was out of tomatoes..so for color I added carrots and edamame 🙂
This is the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (recipe HERE)
In this one my substituted ingredients were edamame, artichokes, feta cheese and dried cranberries!
The larger jar versions of these also included spinach, arugula or lettuce, plus there was an asian salad that sounded really good too!
These are really easy, keep well in the fridge and are so easy to grab and go!

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