Knockoff Starbucks #medicineballtea


Hi Friends!!

It seems like lately so many people I know are battling cough/colds and the flu.  YUCK!!  I had a cold the past week, and thought it went away, and now a scratchy throat and cough are back, fun!!

I have seen so many people lately on social media share about the Starbucks tea.  Some call it “medicine ball” or “cold buster”, but all were screaming its praises on sore throat relief and soothing their coughs.  So, last week I headed into Starbucks to order one for myself.  At the first location, the Barista knew what I was talking about but said they didn’t call it anything specific.  The next location I ordered, the Barista had never heard of it, but said just tell her what was in it and she would make it..she did, and it was perfect!

So….what’s in it you ask??  Well, at Starbucks it’s as follows:

1 tea bag Peach Citrus Jade

1 tea bag Mint Majesty

1/2 steamed lemonade

2 packets honey

So…here’s how I knocked if off at home!

1 tea bag Tazo Zen (my fave green tea)

1 tea bag Country Peach Passion

Fill you your cup with half lemonade and heat in the microwave.

Fill the rest with boiling water

Add your tea bags

Add 1 tablespoon honey (or more to taste! Manuka honey would really bump up the healing properties too!!)

I am crazy for this tea…either my version or Starbucks!  It is so soothing and really tastes delicious…give it a try!



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