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Friday Night Flowers


There’s Friday Night Lights or there’s Friday Night FLOWERS!  I recently was invited to the home of Tammy of for her first ever Friday Night Flowers Workshop.  Tammy’s home is on a beautiful peace of property outside of Seattle, the weather was perfect and there was even a deer visitor.



When we first arrived, we were greeted with a glass of wine while we mingled and swooned over the amazing selection of local grown flowers.


The food was delicious and catered by Mary Weber of Cooking with Mary.  Her torellini salad and carmelized onion apps were amazing…we all went back for seconds!




First and Bloom has such a passion about what she does and the products and flowers she uses.  Did you you know 80% of the flowers sold in the US are imported?  I honestly had no idea…which leads to the statistic that since 1992, 58% of US flower farms have gone out of business due to low-priced imports!

Buying American grown flowers means you support local jobs and economy, as well as reducing our footprint on the plant by minimizing transportation practices and promoting more sustainable and environmentally sound practices.

Not sure where you can find American grown flowers/florists in your area??  Visit Slow Flowers.  Slow Flowers is an award-winning online directory to help you find florists, studio designers, wedding and event planners, supermarket flower departments and flower farmers who are committed to using American grown flowers.  Founder Debra Prinzing has created an amazing resource!



Bloggers gotta do what bloggers gotta do 🙂


There were so many amazing flowers to choose from, and it was so fun to see what each of us gravitated towards.  I went for a subtle fall-inspired palette of dusty purple with lots of greens.



It seems a little intimidating at first, but honestly you just have to jump in and start creating.  You will be amazed how your creation just blossoms!




My sweet friend Heather of Thriftynseattle  was my date for the evening!  Heather immediately grabbed those gorgeous blue hydrangea and created the most amazing bright arrangement that matched her blouse!



Missy Palacol of Missy Palacol Photography captured this night so perfectly, and while being the most darling pregnant photog ever!


The lovely ladies of Friday Night Flowers.

Top right to left: Julia Case of Fairview Farm, Riva Juarez of Riva La Diva, Katie Githens of Clary Sage Studio, Carleeh Mulholland of Healthy Socialite, Debra Prinzing of and Slowflowers.  Bottom right to left: Dawn Parsons of Party til Dawn, Heather Rasmus of ThriftynSeattle, Tammy Myers of First & Bloom, and Dani Graham of Dig-it Flower Farm. Not pictured here, Missy Palacol of and Mary Weber of Cooking With Mary Weber



All photos courtesy of

Thank you Tammy for a wonderful evening, and for the inspiration and education on flower arranging and the importance of purchasing American grown flowers.

If you would love to attend one of First and Bloom’s Flower Workshops you’re in luck!  Tammy has all the information HERE!



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