Faster Way to Fat Loss *

Alright gang, I promised to be transparent and share my Faster Way to Fat Loss results.  So I just wrapped up week six of my first round, and you better believe I am signed up for another!

So, a little background…I have been blessed with pretty good genes when it comes to my weight.  I am 5’8″ and up until my 40’s always stayed right around 128#.   I would classify myself as “skinny fat”.  I’m thin but I carry a layer of fat on my legs and stomach, and my arms, well they are just soft.  The past few years, as I have gotten older I have watched that creep up slowly, and it has been a little harder to get back down.  In March, my husband and I decided to try the Keto diet.  For 3 months, I remained strictly keto and felt good, and brought my weight down from 140 to 134.  I knew that Keto wasn’t going to be a sustainable lifestyle for me…i love fruit and I also knew that adding some good carbs into my diet was healthy.

I have a few friends who have been doing the FWTFL for over a year, and they look amazing!  So, I finally decided I needed to be accountable for my workouts and my diet so that I would stick to it! So I hopped on this fast moving train!


This program consists of intermittent fasting, carb cycling and workouts paired with the right macros to teach our bodies to become fat burners.  You don’t have to have a gym membership, I have done the past 6 weeks in my backyard!

Let’s get to the results shall we??  First off, this is a huge step out of my comfort zone to share these pics, but honestly, I can tell you my results all day long, but the proof is in the pics…so here we go!  Now keep in mind, this is my first  round, and I didn’t have alot of weight to lose, but I have muscle to gain…so my results might look less than someone with more weight to lose.


Before                                                                       After


Before                                                                        After

Here’s the breakdown:

Weight loss – 4lbs (I know I gained muscle)

Inches lost – 14 1/4″ !!!!! (2 inches in my butt, 2 1/2 inches in my chest, 2 3/4 inches in my waist, and 1 1/2 inches in my hips…were my biggest losses!!!)


IMG_3605 (2)

So here’s a few other things”

~Do you eat alot?  ummm…heck yes!!  I have a hard time getting in all my macros each day…I now know I was not eating enough which slowed my metabolism.

~Can you drink wine??  YES!  The key is “as long as it fits within your macros” 🙂 so believe me, I make it fit!

~How many days a week do you workout? FIVE and never more than about 45-50 min.

~Do you need to belong to a gym?  NOPE…I did the whole 6 weeks in my backyard.  There is a beginner, at home and gym workout plan

~How do you calculate macros? We use the MY FITNESS PAL app (free) and Amanda gives you all the instructions on how to set it up!

~Is there a diet to follow?  NO, you eat the foods that you like and put them in the My Fitness Pal app

~Can I drink coffee while fasting?  YES!  Coffee, tea, water, bcaa’s

I am all signed up for the August 13th round, and would love for you to join me!  Why??  Well, why not??  I waited a year before I jumped in because I didn’t want to spend the money, and I can tell you honestly, I have NOT ONCE regretted one penny the past 6 weeks, and I know you won’t either!

I still have some work to do, and I know I need another round to really dial in the results I want.  I cannot wait to see results at the end of round 2!!  Bring on the abs!!!

Go HERE to join me August 13th!!!  Registration is closing soon, so don’t wait!

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Lemon Bars with Edible Sugared Flowers

When life gives you lemons…make your favorite Lemon Bars!


This recipe is a family favorite, and adding the edible sugared flowers makes them the perfect dessert for your next girls soiree, baby or bridal shower, or just to spoil your family.

Lemon Squares What You'll Need_Materials

I partnered with Oriental Trading Company to share my family recipe for these delicious squares of perfection on their FUN365 website.  I will also show you how to make these easy sugared flowers to give them that little something extra.

Lemon Squares (1) Step Image 1280x962 (3)Lemon Squares (1) Step Image 1280x962

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Walk in the sunshine!

The sun is shining and it’s warming up here in the Pacific Northwest!  I love these longer days which makes it SO much easier to get outside and workout!  I was introduced to Peach a few months ago, and it has quickly become one of my favorite brands for athleisure style …clothes that I can wear working out, but also casually!


My current favorite leggings are these Recharge Leggings.  I love the contrast of the two colors but they are so flattering, really soft, and have a great fit!


This Lotus Tank is super cute, and the back is so fun!


This Laguna Jacket is a new fave as well!  I love the short sleeve hoodie style, and it looks so cute with leggings, but also with denim!  Do yourself a favor, and check them out!



Modern Jungle Inspired Party

Palm leaves and tropical themed parties, are right on trend, but I really wanted to give this party a modern vibe.

1 - Copy

A painted palm leaf centerpiece with gold leafing gave this table the color vibe I was going for.  Touches of natural twin, bamboo fans, and gold flatware brought in different elements of texture that kept it all interesting.



Lemonade Sangria Article (1)

You can see all the details, and get the recipe for my Pink Lemonade Sangria on Oriental Tradings FUN365 website!

Modern jungalow Article Image Wide & Carousel Template (1858x1062)

xoxo~ Dawn

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#AgelessinSeattle {Kendra Scott Event}

A year ago as I attended an event in Seattle, I looked around and I realized I was one of the oldest women there.  The bloggers in their 20’s were adorable and so gracious, but I as I stood there with girls the ages of my children, I knew there had to be women out there my age who were bloggers, on instagram, or just wanted to connect in this very social world.

That night I came home and put up an instagram post reaching out to women in their late 30’s and up who wanted to connect…and they responded!  Since that night, I have dreamed of hosting an event to gather us all together, to meet one another and be inspired by each other.  That night finally happened.

Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-74

Kendra Scott Bellevue was our gracious venue host.  They have such a heart and desire to bring women together.  Not only is their jewelry one of my favorites, their store is GORGEOUS…and let’s be honest, the lighting is perfect for aging skin!

My sweet co-host for the evening is my gorgeous friend, Christina of Christina Skally Styling.  We met on instagram, and the friendship was instant!

Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-46Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-56Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-54

Look at these gorgeous ladies.  We have marriages that span 25 years, collectively we have 20+ children, we have careers and have started buisnesses…the life experiences in the room were vast!

Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-156.jpg

One of the best parts of the evening was playing dress up with all the amazing Kendra Scott jewelry.  I love these pictures of each of us trying on pieces and helping one another find what they were looking for!

Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-67Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-132Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-137Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-49

Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-43

One of the best parts of hosting an event with bloggers, is that no one thinks twice when you pull out your phone to take a “selfie”!

Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-58Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-89Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-96Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-98Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-123eKendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-121Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-182Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-134Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-144

My heart is so full…this night truly was all I hoped it would be, and I know that this is just the beginning for this amazing tribe we have created!

Kendra Scott Ageless In Seattle Event-61

(*all photos by the amazing Lauren @ dit_ell.org )

xoxo~ DawN


Beauty Bash


With these last month…gahhh…of my 40’s, and 50 right around the corner, I thought I would share a few of my favorite beauty finds.  These are a few skincare and my two favorite hair styling products!

I am someone that has had awesome skincare from the time I was a teenager.  My Mom made sure of it, so I have used everything from Avon, Jafra (remember them??), Mary Kay, Clinque and even Pro-Active.  I personally do not think I have pretty skin, just being honest.  It just has never had what I think of as “pretty skin”, and now as I get older, my pores are definitely larger, so I am always looking for ways to improve what I’ve got!  I feel like now at this age I am finding products that I love and that are helping to maintain.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t be up for a little “cosmetic intervention” (wink wink)


I needed a new cleanser a year ago, and heard great things about the Revision line.  So I ordered their Brightening Facial Wash, and I LOVE it!  It smells like oranges, the bottle is a great size and lasts a long time!  After the first bottle, I ran out and thought I would find something else, but I noticed immediately that my skin did not look as bright…so I re-ordered!  It’s a little pricier than drugstore, but worth it!


Right around the time I was looking for face wash, Erin sent me some samples of Beautycounter.  I had wanted to give their products a try, so I was thrilled.  After using the full little tube of Rejuvenating Radiance Serum, I emailed her and order the full tube!  This is hands down my FAVORITE product!  I use it morning and night and my skin is softer and the skin tone is improved.  With Vitamin C, mixed fruit acids, algae and marine extract, this serum absorbs easily, and I can layer it under moisturizer and not feel greasy!  LOVE IT!!


Another Beautycounter favorite is their Charcoal Mask!  I have tried a couple, but I love this one especially as it dries, you can actually see it pulling the oil out of your pores!  I do also love their Plumping and Brightening masks as well!


NuFace.  I LOVE this device!  I’ll be honest, I have not been good at consistency, but when I do use it…I notice a difference!!!  You can see instant “lift” right after you use it, but I also notice if I use it at night, the next morning my face feels tighter.  Ok, I just reminded myself to use that baby every night!  50 I see you!


Last up, my two favorite hair products!  I had heard the praises of dry texturizing spray, but honestly, I didn’t want to pay $30 for bottle.  I found the Kristen Ess Working Texture Spray, and decided for half the price I would give it a try!  Holy cow, game changer!!  It gives the right amount of lift and separation, and the smell is amazing!!


My newest addition is the Kristen Ess Loose Styling Powder.  This is perfect to sprinkle on your roots around the crown of your head for just enough grip to give a little extra volume!  This with the Working Texture Spray are the perfect combo!  I have used several Kristen Ess products and love them all!

So those are a few of my favorite things!

And now I have a surprise!!!  To celebrate my 10,000 Follower milestone on Instagram I have a GIVEAWAY!!  My friend Erin has generously offered to send one of you a bottle of my FAVORITE Rejuvenating Radiance Serum ($66 value!) In addition, I am going to send the winner your very own can of Kristen Ess Working Texture Spray!


  • Leave a comment here
  • Head to my Instagram post and follow the rules there!
  • Giveaway ends April 22, 2018 9pm Pacific time


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Chinese New Year~Year of the Dog

Over the weekend we celebrated Chinese New year with family and friends.  For the past 10 years we have either hosted a party or head to our favorite Chinese restaurant.

This year, a friend and I decided to host our party for 80 friends!  We also decided to accept donations for the organization that cared for one of our friend’s daughter while she was in China, International China Concern.

Our party was held in a church gymnasium, so you will have to forgive the bad lighting.  It is extremely hard to get pretty pics in such a “hard” environment, but overall we were pleased with how it turned out.


I was able to get so many fun Year of the Dog decorations from Oriental Trading…my go-to for party decor!



I think one of my favorite elements were our simple and easy table centerpieces.  We took just a take out box, plopped in a primrose, and some chopsticks.  The fabric on the tables, are from a pair of curtains that we cut to make table toppers. Red envelopes were on every table for our guests to place their donation for ICC.



Our highlight of the evening, were our Chinese Lion Dancers.  This is so fun, and everyone loves it!


We will definitely call this party a success!  It is so important to out families that we celebrate our girls’ heritage and traditions, so they will always feel proud of their birth country, and it means so much to share it with family and friends.

Xian Nian Kuai Le!!