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ATHLEISURE//  I am so thankful this is a style because I know I am not the only one who loves a styled up casual vibe!

I was recently introduced to Peach and their clothes for gym, work and play.  I am crazy for the pieces that I styled below, and love how they can worn together if I want!


This Roma Anorak was the first piece I immediately knew I needed in my closet!  I am always on the chilly side, so this cute lightweight jacket will easily take me into Spring and Summer.  It’s very thin, so you can layer if you like, but it will be great to throw on after a workout!  Am I the only one that gets cold after I have worked up a sweat in the gym??



I might be slightly obsessed with these Modern Boho pants.  I love a great jogger, but these are an elastic waist version, and hands down some of the softest I have worn!  I ran errands all day in this outfit, but these would be so cute with a heel and denim jacket!


One thing I loved when perusing the Peach website, are the unique colors of their leggings, hoodies, and sports bras.  I really loved this olive color so I got both the Nina Legging and the Savona Hoodie in it.


The leggings are so unique, with a shiny front, and matte on the backside (make sure to size up in these!)  The hoodie is made of french terry which is  perfect for cooler days in the Spring and Summer since it is not fleece lined.


I am so impressed with the quality of each of these pieces, and love that they don’t look like some of the other Athleisure pieces out there.

I have my eye on a few other pieces like this scarf, this yoga mat, and this cute strappy sports bra!

If you’re looking for some fun new pieces, I suggest you take a peek at Peach!

*This post is in collaboration with Peach.  All opinions are my own as always!

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Chinese New Year~Year of the Dog

Over the weekend we celebrated Chinese New year with family and friends.  For the past 10 years we have either hosted a party or head to our favorite Chinese restaurant.

This year, a friend and I decided to host our party for 80 friends!  We also decided to accept donations for the organization that cared for one of our friend’s daughter while she was in China, International China Concern.

Our party was held in a church gymnasium, so you will have to forgive the bad lighting.  It is extremely hard to get pretty pics in such a “hard” environment, but overall we were pleased with how it turned out.


I was able to get so many fun Year of the Dog decorations from Oriental Trading…my go-to for party decor!



I think one of my favorite elements were our simple and easy table centerpieces.  We took just a take out box, plopped in a primrose, and some chopsticks.  The fabric on the tables, are from a pair of curtains that we cut to make table toppers. Red envelopes were on every table for our guests to place their donation for ICC.



Our highlight of the evening, were our Chinese Lion Dancers.  This is so fun, and everyone loves it!


We will definitely call this party a success!  It is so important to out families that we celebrate our girls’ heritage and traditions, so they will always feel proud of their birth country, and it means so much to share it with family and friends.

Xian Nian Kuai Le!!


Professional Teeth Whitening at Home….plus Giveaway!


I am one of those people who is obsessed with white teeth.  Maybe it’s because I LOVE coffee and red wine, or maybe it’s because as an 18-year-old I worked full-time to put braces on myself and then at 21 had major jaw surgery to correct a very serious underbite.  So, I think with all the work (and money 😉 that has gone into my mouth, I take it very seriously.  

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me, I was so excited!  I had personally been checking into their teeth whitening kit, and had been so impressed by others’ reviews and results, and had wanted to give then a try!  The Smile Brilliant team and I decided that since I already had been whitening on a regular basis, was there someone in my family that would love their turn?

It just so happened that my husband had recently chipped his front tooth (that is a horror story, in my opinion) but before he can have it repaired he was going to need to whiten his teeth.  Now my guy is a serious coffee drinker, and I  think it’s one of those situations that you don’t know how bad something is until you see a picture of yourself.   He was very excited to give Smile Brilliant a try!



Smile Brilliant makes the process so easy.  Your box arrives with all the directions to make your trays at home.  They give you back-up supplies just in case you have a fail on the first try, which we did not!  My husband made his trays, put them in a postage paid envelope and off they went to the Smile Brilliant Lab.  Within a week, his custom fitted whitening trays were back and he was off  to a whiter brighter smile!

Smile Brilliant sends whitening gel along with de-sensitizing gel as well.  This was needed for my husband as he teeth became sensitive in the beginning because he was a little over zealous and left the whitening gel on for the full-time.  Lesson learned, he backed off and took it slow.  I love that Smile Brilliant’s gel is 22%, the perfect strength to get the results you are looking for.  I snuck some of the gel to use myself, and was so pleased!

So, below are Toby’s results!  Keep in mind he has NEVER whitened his teeth in (ahem) 54 years!  He will definitely do another round, get his tooth fixed and then will continue for maintenance.  He is thrilled with his results!





Our experience with Smile Brilliant was fantastic, and I cannot recommend them enough.  We love the quality of the whitening experience so much more than using white strips, especially if you are starting your whitening journey from the very beginning like Toby!

GIVEAWAY!!!!  Click the link below to enter! The winner will be selected and contacted via email 2 weeks after the post is live. Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

I have also got a coupon code for you: partytildawn for 10% off your order!

Home Teeth Whitening

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Shop my Evereve Sale Picks!


Evereve is having an AMAZING Sale thru the 19th!!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorites and a few of them are on their way to me!

I am in need of upping my “dress up” game, so I snagged those two skirts.  I LOVE the pleated pink velvet and it’s on sale for $15.99!  The black lace skirt is so pretty and I think will be perfect to dress up, or pair with a denim jacket…it’s on sale for $27.99

I have been wanting to get in on the pajama top trend, and this cute floral top is $11.99 right now!


Head over to Evereve and take a peek!  There is so much from jewelry, denim to jackets…and so many of these pieces are perfect for Spring!



Modern Floral Baby Shower (or any occasion)

I love the idea of creating parties and tablescapes not in the traditional style.  Take this Baby Shower for instance, I wanted to show how you could shower the Mother-to-be without decor full of teddy bears and pastel colors.  This decor could easily be a bridal luncheon, a birthday dinner or just a fun girls night in!  You can see all the details on Oriental Trading’s Fun365 website!

Flourescent Floral Baby Shower Article Image Wide & Carousel Template (1858x1062)


Flourescent Floral Baby Shower Article Image Wide & Carousel Template (1858x1062) (1)

If you’re looking for a couple of  easy and delicious recipes, look no further than my Goat Cheese Honey, Pecan and Honey appetizer or my Mini Cookies and Cream Trifles.

Goat Cheese, Pecan and Honey app Hero Half Desktop 1824x1371

Cookies and Cream mini trifle Hero Half Desktop 1824x1371

Serve your guests a Sparkling Water Spritzer done three way!  You will love these recipes!

Sparkling Water Spritzers Three Ways Hero Half Desktop 1824x1371

Disclosure: As an OTC blogger, I received compensation and/or products in exchange for my styling and crafting services. As always, all opinions are my own. 


A year of GROWTH (word of the year)


I am not a resolution girl.  For me choosing a word of the year feels like a tangible way for me to guide my intentions and aspirations for the coming year.  So, this year my word is GROWTH.

Here is how I plan to see GROWTH in my life this year:

Professional:  I have worked part-time for the past six years, and have loved it.  I recently have accepted a new full-time position, which means lots of new challenges and skills to develop.  It is also requiring lots of adjustment at home to this new schedule.

I love my blog and instagram.  I plan to continue working to grow and build what I have created here, as well as, working toward new brand partnerships and nurturing the ones I have currently.  In this world of social media, it’s easy to feel “left out or excluded” from events when you don’t get the “invite”.  I spent the past year being included in more, but also just not attending some because of schedule conflicts   Then you see the pics, and think “I should have gone.”  This year, it is going to be about attending what fits my brand,  not thinking twice about the invites I don’t get, and definitely not regretting the ones I didn’t attend!

Personal:  This is it…I turn 50 this year!  Fit to Fifty is ON!   I want to make my diet and exercise a priority.  I am re-comitting to eating well, exercising regularly, drinking more water, and getting more sleep.

Social media can be a time sucker.  When you’re focusing on building your brand, it can become all-consuming.  I am planning to “check in” my phone every night at 9pm (just like I require of my 13-year-old) …because there is nothing more important than being a good example of my own rule!

Books are on my list!  Last year I can count on one hand the books I read, and it is not the whole hand!  I love to read.  So by putting my phone down and logging off, it leaves time to read before bed.

Most of all, spending time with my family and friends.  My boys are thriving in their personal careers, and I am still lucky to still have them under my roof, but I know those days are limited…they are ready to fly.  I do not want to regret a single moment that I didn’t spend with them because I was on my phone or at an event that I felt like I “should” attend.  I also have a 13-year-old daughter that watches everything I do.  I want her to see in me an example of balance in self, career and family.

So here’s to 2018!  A year of GROWTH in healthy habits, personal and professional success, and meaningful relationships.



New Year’s Eve 2018

What’s your New Year’s Eve plans?  Since we have had kids, our NYE celebrations always include our children…because there will be many more to celebrate once they are all grown and on their own!  We seemed to alternate from spending the evening with friends or a cozy night in.

This year our NYE will consist of going out for a movie and dinner, and home before midnight to toast in the New Year, and honestly I could not be more excited!


I set a fun casual table with some of the cutest paper goods from Design Design, Inc.  I love LOVE the mix of stripes and polka dots with the touch of metallic gold!


I love mixing high and low’s in my decor, and in this case, the paper plates and napkins mixed with crystal and candlelight.



Whatever your plans are this year, I wish you a 2018 full of good health and many wonderful memories!




*I was provided product free of charge, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”